About Us

Agroempresas Atabey, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the mission of improving our quality of life by growing our own food in the most sustainable and natural way possible. This entrepreneurial and innovative group has given itself the task of buying a farm in conventional operation with the purpose of converting it into a sustainable farm that provides the healthiest and most nutritious food that our land can offer.

This process of transformation to a natural farm, in harmony with the environment, free toxic pesticides and herbicides and naturally ripened fruits, we are documenting it to share our experiences, positive and negative, with others who wish to walk in the same direction.


In the Taíno language Atabey means Mother Earth. It is also identified with the mother of waters, mother of the Supreme Being and therefore a respected mother. Today we are so far away from the true and first source of life of human beings, that we do not give Earth, water and the Sun the importance they deserve. Today we keep our lives with water and food bought in a fast food restaurant without investigating where the water and the food we eat comes from. The Taínos were in full contact with the source and support of life that arises from the foods that are synthesized by plants based on water, carbon dioxide in the air and energy from the Sun. Agroempresas Atabey honors with its name the most basic source of life that comes from Mother Earth. We continue to cultivate the healthiest foods that our land produces with our hands, intelligence and technology for all Puerto Ricans.